IPONTIX Cleantech


IPONTIX CLEANTECH, a specialty business area of IPONTIX Equity Consultants GmbH, advises its clients from the cleantech sector which, among others, includes the renewable energies sector. IPONTIX's expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Debt, and Private Equity Advisory and experience from numerous successful transactions in the cleantech sector are bundled in IPONTIX Cleantech in a dedicated unit with our cleantech team's deep industry-specific knowledge and experienced senior advisors from Industry.
Numerous drivers like worldwide demographic development, the structural and global paradigm change toward energy efficiency, and grid parity for renewable and traditional energy sources will lead to ongoing structural growth in the cleantech industry in the coming years. These developments bring enormous challenges with them for companies' financing due to the large amounts of capital that will be required for investment and growth. At the same time in many sectors in connection with increasing industrialization some companies will be confronted with excellent opportunities on the way to critical mass via the implementation of long term planned M&A strategies.

IPONTIX CLEANTECH focus is on photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass, and water businesses. Another focus of IPONTIX CLEANTECH will be the required imminent infrastructure investments in areas like smart grids and recycling. We achieve significant competitive advantages for our corporate clients by developing and implementing long term equity and debt financing solutions, capital market issues, and successful sustainable M&A transactions.

IPONTIX CLEANTECH - The specialised Corporate Finance Advisory for the cleantech sector

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