Principles and Values

Independent and Objective

We are free from any conflicts of interest. This independence from all investors and financial institutions enables us to give transparent and objective advice regarding relevant pros and cons of alternative financial instruments and financiers for our clients.

Cooperative and Committed

We see ourselves as partners of our clients and give fair and sustainable advice for the realisation of our clients´ financial targets. Active listening is always a first step in our client relationships! We always take a clear judgement view on the feasibility of planned transactions. IPONTIX is managed as a partnership with a flat hierarchy. Managing Partners and Partners are in charge of all client relationships and process management and are always responsive. This facilitates fast and professional decisions, especially in complex transactions. We are highly committed to your targets.

Long-term and Trustworthy

The development of long-term customer relationship built on trust is a central philosophy of IPONTIX. Long-term targets always have priority over short-term targets. Integrity and reputation are important values for us. Our clients appreciate this. As a consequence, a major share of our current mandates are follow-on mandates from clients we advised in the past or the results of recommendations.

Loyal and Discreet

We have an obligation to only represent the interest of our clients and we act accordingly. Loyalty and discretion form the basis of our exclusive mandates. This also implies that we advise against the execution of transactions if we identify unfavourable risk-return profiles. We get rewarded solely from one side - our clients. We conduct our business without fuss within the market place. Discretion is decisive for many of our clients, especially family-owned businesses. We embody discretion.

Entrepreneurial and Pragmatic

We are entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide advisory services from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We know the perspective of our clients and we are rewarded according to results. We deliver these results applying a pragmatic and target-oriented approach.