Strategic Corporate Finance Advisory

A holistic examination of the various opportunities of Corporate Finance, without any pre-determination of a single product or solution, is a USP of IPONTIX. We develop and analyse the full scope of alternatives and choose the optimal solutions for our clients.

Some of the typical questions of shareholders, entrepreneurs and management teams regularly addressed to us are:

  • Is my company attractive for Private Equity or Venture Capital?
  • How can I reduce my cost of capital?
  • Is my company ready to go public?
  • Who are the best potential buyers for our company?
  • What is a realistic valuation of our company today and how can I enhance the shareholder value for a future transaction?
  • Is financing for a management buy-out possible?
  • How can I implement an employee Stock Option plan?
  • What is the ideal procedure for a takeover/Tender Offer of a publicly listed company?
  • Is the public listing of our company still adequate?

Creativity and the capability for unconventional thinking are of decisive importance for the implementation of optimal financing solutions under the strict timing constraints for our clients.