Initial Public Offering (IPO-Advisory)

The IPONTIX team has extensive experience resulting from more than 50 IPOs and capital market transactions. Using our comprehensive network to all relevant participants in an IPO process and a very strict and detailed process management we ensure the ideal preparation and execution of a sustainably successful IPO.

Based on our experience from numerous IPO mandates we strongly advise our clients to foresee a time frame of not less than 12 months for the optimal preparation of an IPO.

We will accompany you in the following steps on the path to an IPO:

  • Assessment and assurance of readiness to go public
  • Structuring of optimal capital concepts
  • Selection of the adequate stock exchange and market segment
  • Development of an Equity Story and a detailed banking exposé
  • Execution of a Beauty Contest of investment banks
  • Conduct of negotiations regarding the engagement letter and all further contracts with the Lead Manager and syndicate banks
  • Selection of further advisors involved (i.e. legal advisor, auditor and investor relations agency)
  • Coordination of all participants involved
  • Process management until the day of the IPO

IPONTIX also advises so-called Dual Tracks, i.e. the evaluation of a Trade Sale to a strategic buyer or financial investor parallel to an IPO process.

We furthermore support our publicly listed clients in the evaluation and execution of a planned change of the market segment, for example from Entry Standard to Prime Standard.