As an entrepreneur, are you thinking about the spin-off of a business unit involving the currently active management team? As a management team, are you aware that your business unit is non-core business in your company? And are you looking to gain independence?

We advise corporates and management teams regarding the feasibility of a management buy-out or management buy-in. Which structures are reasonable? Which financial instruments can be applied? Who are potential sponsors of the transaction? Which (public) funding programs can be applied at what time?

IPONTIX advises management teams especially with regard to realistic purchase prices and the financing of the transaction. We structure MBOs and MBIs fully representing your interests but also with regard to your non-disclosure and loyalty obligations vis-à-vis your company and shareholder(s).

Accordingly we are experienced in the evaluation of three perspectives:

  • The company or entrepreneur spinning-off and selling a business unit
  • Existing management team with the target of more independence via an MBO
  • External management team or manager with MBI as a target

IPONTIX develops an individual structure, enabling and securing an optimal execution of an MBO or MBI transaction. Very often our substantial value added consits of the Fundraising for the necessary acquisition financing.