Financing of Capital Expenditure

IPONTIX structures and executes financing of replacement, expansion or leap investments, for example:

  • New production facilities
  • Relocation of company subsidiaries and production plants
  • Real estate investments

In such projects the existing financing structure is taken into account and customised if necessary.

Financing Products

According to the financing targets of our clients, all financial instruments available in the market are applied:

  • Linear or annuity investment loans
  • Leasing and sale-and-lease-back offerings
  • Public funding programs
  • Issuance of borrower's notes and corporate Bonds

The debt service is modelled according to various scenarios of the financial planning of our clients when applying these instruments. The interest rate structure is customised according to the current money market and capital market conditions.

Preparation of Banking Memorandum

When advising new investment financings the first task conducted by IPONTIX is the analysis of the profitability of the investment project and the implications on the overall financial planning of our clients. Besides the description and detailed financial analysis of the planned investments, the banking memorandum contains a detailed description of the company as well as the business and financial planning of our clients.

The banking memorandum is a focused description and analysis of all relevant factors for a positive financing decision of banks and financiers.

Process of financing

After having signalled an interest in financing the transaction following a personal discussion, and having signed a Non-disclosure Agreement, potential financiers are supplied with the banking memorandum. The advantage of this procedure is the parallel approach of all relevant financiers. Furthermore the banking memorandum facilitates a clear communication of all relevant key lending considerations. The facts and criteria described are regularly incorporated in the credit documentation of the approached financiers, hence facilitating a fast internal decision-making process of the financiers.

IPONTIX manages and coordinates the full financing process, also conducting the negotiations with financiers involved until Signing of the relevant contract documentation.