Structured Finance

Structured Finance is divided into two main areas:

- Acquisition Finance
- Recapitalisations

Both kinds of structured financings highly rely on the future Cash Flows of the companies involved. Hence, a consistent business model and financial planning is crucial for successful structured financings. IPONTIX clients in this field are Private Equity companies, MBO and MBI candidates as well as corporate clients (Buy-Side M&A, including acquisition finance). The scope of IPONTIX Services far exceeds the regular range of services offered by finance departments of banks.


IPONTIX structures new acquisition financing for takeover targets of our clients as well as recapitalisation of existing leverages.

IPONTIX integrates and uses the full range of financing alternatives in such projects. Financial instruments included are traditional senior and junior debt and Mezzanine tranches as well as alternative debt products. These can be:

  • Debt Equity Swaps - transformation of debt into equity, for example via a capital contribution in kind of the debt instrument.
  • Public programmes, including guarantees, indemnification and refinancing facilities for investors
  • Off balance sheet instruments such as Factoring, leasing and sale-and-lease-back.

Banking Memorandum

Based on a rigorous analysis of our clients' business and financial planning and the implied capital and financing needs over time, IPONTIX develops optimal financing structures for the aggregate liabilities of our clients, including working capital requirements and financings.
This is summarised in a professional Banking Memorandum which contains all information and facts typically needed for the internal processing of banks, facilitating a faster decision-making process.

Process Management

IPONTIX develops an individual Long List of potential financiers of its clients, and coordinates the full process - from the initial approach of banks and financiers up to final contract negotiations and Closing of the financing transaction.