Private Equity Advisory

The fundraising of equity and mezzanine capital from private equity investors, including institutional venture capitalists and family offices, is the focus of our private equity advisory business unit. IPONTIX determines which capital concept (incl. majority vs. minority shareholding) is suited for its clients and who the potential equity investors are. We execute successful transactions supported by professional preparation and documentation.

A sufficient equity position is an important prerequisite for a solid overall financing of our clients, also in the context of "Basel II". In expansion financings and succession plans (also via MBO/MBI) an individual structuring of the equity and debt components, the coordination of suitable financiers (banks and investors) and the cooperation of these financiers in a so-called "club" is necessary.

IPONTIX has an outstanding network to national and international Private Equity investors as well as Family Offices. A major competitive advantage for our clients is the market insight the IPONTIX team has developed over many years. Hence, a major value added of our advisory services is to determine which potential investors are most suitable for our clients with regard to the capital needs of the company and the entrepreneurial ambitions of the shareholders and management teams we advise.

IPONTIX is a leading player in the structuring of individual Mezzanine capital solutions.