The Finance Advisory Group

The Finance Advisory Group

Under the brand of The Finance Advisory Group, IPONTIX works together with international partners in a Best-Friends-Network to provide integrated advice. In a so called Best-Friends-Network, the involved companies keep their independence and identity, but are favoured cooperation partners especially when it comes to cross-border transactions and consulting opportunities. Through the privileged relationship with each other and with the high personal reputation of each network member, joint mandates can be worked on efficiently.

Cross-border transactions are becoming more popular, especially in the M&A business. Most of our employees display international experience. Through our integrated team, we are able to help our clients quickly and flexibly. We especially value the direct access to many Family Offices, which are domiciled as direct neighbours to our partner MMP Mück Management Partners in Switzerland.

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Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a leading private business school that offers study and further education opportunities in the field of finance and management. In connection with its academic study programmes, the university maintains various corporate cooperations.

Through several cooperation programs and connected to regular education, Frankfurt School students use the opportunity to gather practical experience at IPONTIX. Our project teams benefit from their educated support and the fresh inputs delivered by this kind of cooperation.

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