We practice the entrepreneurial values of family-owned companies.


Setting demanding standards for our daily work, we offer flexible and tailored solutions. We routinely consider forward looking and creative alternatives compared to short-sighted and obvious outcomes. Hence, our excellence starts with listening carefully to understand the needs of our clients profoundly. We strive to give solid and long-term recommendations, which last for a generation.


We are independent. This allows a neutral assessment of different financing alternatives and investors to ultimately choose the right and best alternative. We are committed to our clients and handle the entrusted information carefully. We are loyal to the interest of our clients.


We give everything and do not fear challenges. The whole team is committed and uses all their experience and knowledge. We are not satisfied with the first solution, rather we always try to find the best solution. Sometimes this means to outright renounce a transaction, if this is the best way to preserve and protect the wealth of our client.


We are used to flat hierarchies and work as a team. Our managing partners are actively involved in projects and visible to clients. We perceive our mandates as team work and move forward in accordance and agreement. We always win together!


Sustainability issues are playing an increasingly important role for us and for society as a whole. We at IPONTIX address this issue. Therefore, we consider and integrate sustainability issues on environmental, social and governance ("ESG") topics holistically for and with our clients as part of all our corporate finance advisory services.


We believe in long term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. We strive to secure a long-lasting financing solution for our clients in order to secure stable growth and corporate development. Especially family-owned businesses do not think in quarters, but rather in decades and generations. Our corporate finance advisory is meant to open totally new perspectives and possibilities.