Private Equity Advisory


In this business unit, the focus is on obtaining equity or equity-like financing. Our specialists clarify together with you which equity concept (e.g. selling a majority or minority stake) is suitable for you, who the right equity investors might be and provide you with the optimal preparation and documentation for a successful transaction in a structured process.

With expansion financing and ownership succession (including via a MBO/MBI), it is necessary to structure the equity and debt components individually, to coordinate suitable financers, and to bring them together in a so called “Club”.

We have access to an exceptional network of international financial investors and family offices. A key value-adding factor of our advisory services is our joint development of clear response to the question of which long-term oriented investors or financers may actually match with your interests. Our network also includes so-called Impact Investors who can help you realise a sustainable pivot of your business (along the lines of ESG-criteria) and take advantage of opportunities arising from a more sustainable orientation. 

Our access to family offices is most developed in Germany and Switzerland. This allows us to support our clients in realising efficient and quick equity capital solutions with a partner, who is long-term oriented, who has reasonable return expectations and who might also provide business impulses, including for your sustainability strategy. 

IPONTIX is a leading address for individual mezzanine structures.