Company Valuation

The value of the company is the most important measure in every business decision. It determines the scope for increasing capital as well as the distribution of a company’s shares. As the marginal price – the minimum price that the seller wants to achieve or the maximum price that the buyer is willing to pay – it controls the economic sensibility of a transaction.

Therefore, before taking a decision about various strategic options, it is useful to gain clarity about the value of your own company or the target company. In the case of a Valuation Opinion, we determine this value professionally by market-standard methods (Multiple and Cash Flow method) and based on our results, give strategic recommendations. The Valuation Opinion relies on the financial planning of the considered company and describes in detail the derivation and reasoning of the value through the business model of the company, unique selling points, and the parameters that establish the market environment of the business.

A special case of a company valuation is the so-called Fairness Opinion, which is required for the acquisition of a listed company. The supervisory board of the company for which an acquisition offer was received, releases a statement to their shareholders about whether the offered value (cash or equity capital) can be considered "fair", meaning that it “achieves at a minimum the market value from the view of the capital market at the time of the offer”.

In both cases, sustainability aspects (ESG-criteria) play an increasing role and we consider them accordingly. 


IPONTIX supports the management and especially the CFO while working on selected corporate finance tasks and projects. We offer the following services:

  • Selection of Due Diligence partners and efficient organization and orchestration of a due diligence process
  • Opening and management of a virtual data room
  • Validation and review of the current financial planning of the company
  • Identification of the debt capacity
  • Confidential "Pre Sounding" conversations to gauge investor interest
  • Consideration of the impact of sustainability aspects and the sustainability strategy on financial choices

With all these services, IPONTIX contributes ample experience and specialised knowledge gained in many transactions. Our clients further value our competence in identifying additional partners for the transaction, like lawyers and tax advisors. We pride ourselves with knowing those people who offer good services for reasonable prices, as cost control is key. 

Alongside our deep knowledge of methods, we also provide additional capacity to efficiently support the CFO and their team in demanding phases.