Social and Voluntary Activity

IPONTIX supports social projects through either voluntary engagement or financial contributions. This is the way we support our ideal of a socially minded and responsibly acting society.



The association “Die Clown Doctoren e.V.” is close to our heart and we have been supporting them for many years. The association was founded in 1994 and pioneered “Clown Doctoring” in Germany.

Laughing is the best medicine! The association regularly organizes clown-doctor visits in children's hospitals. In this way, they bring laughter, joy, and change to the life of gravely ill children. The clown doctors are voluntarily working artists, who are trained by the association “Die Clown Doktoren e.V.” for their job. Besides the healing effect of laughter and joy, the regularity of the visits is very important for the sick children. The hospital visits of the clown doctors are solely financed through donation funds. Only with the help of donors, promoters and volunteers the association can continue to visit the children.

Website Clown Doktoren

Furthermore we regularly support other social or humanitarian projects.

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